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ID Digital

Part time web development

I first began working at ID Digital Agency for my year 10 work experience. Later that year I began paid work over the school break and maintained a part time position after school a few days of the week.

This being not only my first experience in the industry but also my first job, was unlike anything which I could foresee. For myself there was a profound difference in working for non-personal projects where I was told my task and required to fulfil it. The pressure was at first nerve racking but reduced over time after realising I had the skills necessary and was able to apply them in a commercial web development environment. I also enjoy the experience, working with like minded others and the additional feelings of self-worth and independence which are intrinsic with maintaining a paid job.

I have learnt invaluable lessons from my time at ID Digital. Becoming confident with some industry standard tools and processes which are not applicable to personal work has afforded me confidence in my own work and knowledge.

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