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A drop in replacement for browser navigation behaviour

This is another quick I wonder... project on a sunday. The goal of this library is to emulate behaviour of sites that are built with ajax and only only load a portion of the page content, often with a graceful animation to transition between old to new content.

To emulate this behaviour, it overrides the browser's native handling of clicking links and submitting forms, converting these to ajax requests behind the scenes and then updating the page content where applicable with a nice transition animation. As such this library works well with sites that have a consistent static header and footer so only the changing content will be updated.

The result of this library after a day is not bad, it is now powering this site (notice the fading between pages) and seems to work pretty smoothly on modern browsers. I am not a frontend javascript man so I am sure there is much I have missed. Next on the agenda: how the hell to test this?

UPDATE: Mocha running in browser turned out to be a workable solution.

You can view the repository here.