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My first website

Before I knew about the likes of Twitter, Reddit or such, back in early 2012, I had an idea for a website where anyone can post anything for anyone over the internet. This idea evolved to become "NetYelp". Due to hosting costs and availability I was coerced into learning PHP for the website's development. Soon enough I had learnt the ins and outs of all that goes with web development including: JS, CSS, MySql.

The goal of the site was to be as open as possible therefore user accounts were not required to post a message. Messages are time based, they can be scheduled for a specific date and time in which it will be displayed. This feature brought forth a few technical details such as the time being different across the world. Timezones presented a problem, but it was decided that if message was scheduled and 3:15 PM, that is when it would be shown for everyone. Therefore IP-Geolocation was used to ensure the appropriate messages are displayed.

This was an enjoyable project from a technical and educational point of view. Today it still remains online and can be found here: