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Mini Projects of Early High School

Learning by Doing

Throughout years 7 - 9 I took on various mini projects with the insatiable goals of building what ever my imagination decided to yield. During these times I had only the faintest clues of how to program, but each of these projects helped me to learn more and improve. It is interesting now to look back and observe absolute the disasters (code-wise) of each program but nevertheless noticing the definite progress throughout them. Due to being severely disorganised throughout this time, here are what I believe to be the latest copies of the most notable of my projects that have just recently been organised:

- Year 7 -

Outlook Datafile Backup

This was a request of my dad who was often tasked with the job of backing up email data from outlook. This program was supposed to automate the process somewhat.

Custom Task Manager

I do not remember why I wanted to do this.

Mouse macro recorder

I do not remember why I wanted to do this.

Palindrome Calculator

Palindromes are numbers that are symmetrical (eg 202). For some reason I became obsessed with palindromic numbers during this time.

- Year 8 -


Back during year 8 at my school I had discovered that that it was possible to shutdown remote computers over the network via the commandline (shutdown -m). This soon became well known throughout the class and teachers became suspicion of people having a big black window open while coincidentally across the class room another student suddenly starts screaming at computer for losing their work. To solve this I created MyCMD which provides a simple GUI over the commandline and offers semi transparent windows to evade teacher detection. It worked pretty well.

My attempt at a physics engine

A simple 2D black box that can move around the window. I remember this being actually pretty fun to get working.

Mouse monitor separator

I remember when I had two screens for my computer. It was pretty handy but it ruined a game which I used to love (Age of Mythology) as my mouse would often go over to the other screen and minimize the window. This became annoying enough that I decided to build this which its sole purpose is to prevent the mouse from going between windows unless you hold down a specified key on your keyboard. This actually turned out to be a fantastic solution and one of my friends later had the same problem and to my knowledge still uses this program today.

My second attempt at a physics engine

Still playing in a 2D universe this turned out to be a vast improvement over the original. One of my proudest hacks is how I was able to calculate the throwing speed when dragging the ball with the cursor. Instead of some complex tracking algorithm to estimate the path of the ball, simply using the mouse up event which is apparently delayed enough for there to be a distance between the mouse and ball after 'letting it go'.

- Year 9 -


Bare minimum chess implementation.

WIDA Tasks

Stands for when-if-do-after tasks. This was my attempt at building a flexible task scheduler.