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Caulfield South Weather Station

Redesign from scratch

Some backstory first, my dad loves the weather, so much so he studied meteorology at University and he was offered a position at the Bureau of Meteorology some time ago. Although he did not pursue this path, he had never lost interest. So a while back, he bought a small backyard weather station and began a project creatively named Caulfield South Weather Station (we live in caulfield south). He used the data from the weather station to power a simple site that was friendly to kids. Interestingly enough, this site was hosted on this domain and can be viewed in the archives here.

As you can probably tell, even in 2006, he was not the best when it comes to building websites that were appealing to the eye. And I myself have never been a talented designer but after 8 years, I felt it was time for a redesign.

The backend of the new site was built on Silex which acts as a simple router and IOC container. It is fed data via ftp from WeatherLink, a program which integrates with the weather station. The frontend uses is utilises gridster.js to provide the nice UI features for the weather widgets.

The new site can be found here.